Productive Financing to Launch your Business

We created the only convertible seed funding in Mexico for high-impact entrepreneurships in early stages.

The TERMAL model

The Productive Triad

Through an innovative and flexible productive credit program, we bring together what the entrepreneurs need with what the investors want.


  • Pertinent and convenient loan that are processed quickly, with approval in less than 45 days.
  • Risk capital for early stages.
  • Potential to convert the loan into shares.
  • Committed support, experience and contacts.
  • Real smart money to get your project up and running.


  • Projected annual lending rate of 18% assuming there is no convertibility
  • Potential to convert the investment into special Talem SAPI de CV shares.
  • Participate in trade associations (gremios) as a Talem shareholder from $100,000.00 M.N.
  • We reward direct involvement with the startups, offering a projected annual rate of 20%.
  • Excellent opportunity to take the first step into the world of risk capital.


Prevents stagnation of capital in early stages by committing to the project without forced dilution.

Once the loan is issued, Talem puts its network of partners and sponsors to work, offering mentoring, contacts, advice and a great deal of experience.

We don’t waste any time – only 3 people are required to authorize investments.

Entrepreneurs learn to manage the credit in their favor and get accustomed to being EVALUATED by third parties from the early stages.

Any investor can get involved in the invested company, in fact, it is encouraged by offering a preferential rate of 20% for their participation.

A team of partners trained by top-level professionals.

We diversify risk, that is, we invest 50% in TI and 50% in traditional SMEs.

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Juan Pedro Chevallier

Founder of Talem

Juan Carlos González

Founder of and

~ We create opportunities and translate the language of risk capital ~


José Sánchez Gil

Corporate Legal Adviser

Lawyer seeking to promote, enable and enhance investments and equities of people and companies providing legal services, from a practical, effective and timely perspective.

Alberto Tapia Reynoso

Fiscal and Accounting

Financial and accountant advice concerning analysis of financial statements, interpretation and consolidation of financial statements, preparation of Mexican Stock Exchange information, corporate appraisal, among others.

Iván Ruiz Alvarez

Innovation and Operations

Endorsed by a record of more than 1,100 companies trained nationwide in innovation, Business Model Canvas, business plan and decision-making processes.

Aldo López

Business Models

Identifying and supporting entrepreneurs with startup businesses or business projects for the creation and/or consolidation of their companies.

Juan Carlos Soto

Merchandising and Marketing

Passionate about new projects and supporting entrepreneurs, always looking to add to projects that generate a high impact on society and transform an industry.

Luis Enrique Padilla

Corporate Legal Adviser

Administrative Board Secretary of different companies and important corporate groups within Jalisco's business environment.

Rafael Reyes Patiño

Investment Funds and Private Capital

Extensive experience in service, commercial and high added value companies. Passionate about presenting challenges that help people achieve their fullest potential.

Alejandro De Santiago

Strategy and Human Capital

Founder of Ignixon, education company aiming to transform lives and inspire people to become the best version of themselves. Passionate about creating brands with purpose, strategy and human capital development.
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Guadalajara, Jalisco, Méx.